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Digital solutions for social change

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Welcome to Digital Purpose

We make digital solutions for social change.

We build premium software solutions for organisations, charities and start-ups working towards a better, fairer and more inclusive world for everyone. From donation platforms and educational games, through to corporate giving and outreach programs – we bring enterprise development skills and expertise to the community and social impact sector.


The solutions to some of our greatest social challenges, from global warming through to social equality and justice for all, aren’t going to be found in a computer lab. At the same time, those with the knowledge and ideas of what needs doing, often lack technical skills. We bridge the gap, providing a team of technical professionals who know how to build systems and who are committed to using their skills for social change.

User-focused design

No matter what system you’re building, the key to success is putting the user first. In the social impact sector this is more true than ever – the users are your supporters, your clients and your reason for being. We focus on building clean, stream-lined systems that are intuitive to use and engaging. We don't just build software to be 'used', we build it to be enjoyed.

No compromise on quality

We believe that the social impact sector deserves the same quality and professionalism that the corporate sector receives. Our most important social challenges need our best people working on them. Our team of software developers has years of experience building enterprise-grade solutions, that are secure, robust and effective.

Meet the team

Daniel Zwolenski

Founder & CEO

Daniel has over two decades of experience designing and developing systems for a range of companies. From driving the delivery of Coinland, a CBA initiative to deliver financial literacy to kids, through to the NSW Education’s NAPLAN reporting system, and OurCommunity’s Funding Centre, Daniel has a knack for pulling together teams and driving projects to successful delivery.

In 2014, Daniel was awarded a Fellowship for Innovation from the Myer Foundation, which led to the formation of Digital Purpose, an initiative to bring much needed enterprise-grade development skills to the community and social impact sector.

When not building software, Daniel gets involved with boots-on-ground projects. He has worked with bears in the Andes, snow leopards in Kyrgyzstan, and crocodiles in northern Australia. In 2009, Daniel helped create the Extinction Sucks TV series, shown on Nat Geo Wild.

Josephine Thatcher

Senior Partner

Jo is all about making sure systems get delivered on time and to budget. A rare mix of technical talent and people skills has seen Jo take the lead on numerous large projects with organisations such as Tourism Australia and British Airways, as well as a number of smaller start-ups and innovative businesses. Jo has spent more time than she’d like to think about managing stake-holders, coordinating development teams and making sure everyone is working towards the same goals.

Martina Kainberger

Senior Partner

Martina likes things neat and organised, especially when it comes to software. A commitment to great software architecture and a keen attention to detail ensures the delivery of the highest quality software systems. Martina has run innovative, high-profile projects at corporates such as News Corp, government organisations such as Tourism Australia and the NSW Education Department, and a range of small, dynamic startups.

Our Work

We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that not only work well, but that users find intuitive and engaging. We work with you to understand your goals and convert these into systems that people actually enjoy using. Our goal is to make the hard things look easy.

We have some of the best technologists in the business working with us. We specialise in making systems no one has thought of before, bringing innovative solutions to life. Whether you’re a brand new start-up with a great app idea, a corporate wanting to vamp up your social engagement, or a government organisation wanting tools to amplify your impact, we have the people and the experience to make it happen.

Custom software solutions

From online fundraising platforms to software for outreach campaigns, and corporate giving platforms – we can build your online system, forms and databases. We use the same trusted technology and tools that the corporate world uses, because why compromise? Our team has experience delivering mutli-million dollar solutions for financial institutions, large government organisations, through to schools and medical organisations.

Mobile apps

We build mobile apps of all shapes and sizes – from Android to iOS and everything in between. We can help you navigate the best technology choices, and make sure you end up with an app experience that makes the impact you need.

Innovation and social start-ups

Got your lean canvas filled in, worked out your Key Value Proposition, but not sure how to deliver the tech to make it happen? Talk to us – we love working with start-ups that have a truly unique idea for social impact. We’ll work with you to keep things lean, determine your MVP and help you build the minimal you need to get traction and test your idea at market.

Technology consulting and advice

We recognise that not everyone needs a full service solution and a dedicated high-end team. Sometimes you just just need a little help to get you on your way. We offer consulting services and advice to meet your needs. We’ll review your tech strategy, help you put together your own team, or review outsourcing options. Our mission is to see more social impact through technology, we’ll work with you to make that happen.

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